• Jessica (Mesa, AZ)

    if your addicted to nails then I highly recommend seeing Sherra for your next appt..you won’t be disappointed. She’s awesome at what she does, and has the patience of a goddess ( i know because i am one picky bitch about my nails, and she puts up with me). She specializes in glitter and has and can create any color you can think up.She specializes in glitter and has and can create any color you can think up. S…he is somewhat of a perfectionist and that’s one thing i love...

  • Casandra (Mesa, AZ)

    Sheera Loves what she does…and that is why you love her and the talent she holds by making you a very happy happy client! You can’t help but be mesmerized by the talent she has to turn your nails from blah to...

  • Shay (Chandler, AZ)

    I am a fairly new client and have been so happy with Sheera and her service! She is very creative…I always come in with no ideas and leave with beautiful creations. Can’t wait to see what she does next! Quality work, fun time, good...

  • Mysti (Phoenix, AZ)

    Want nails done right and done with precision? Go to this wonderful woman! She is talented beyond belief. How many people can say that not only are they a nail tech, but an artist. She made a color so perfect to match an evening gown for a pageant I was in. I love her work and would tell ANYONE that needs their hands done to go to her.. You will get so much attention for how SPECTACULAR your hands...

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About Us

What To Look For In A Quality Nail Technician/Salon?

Published in Perfectify Magazine Oct 2007-Jan 2008

With discount salons on every corner, finding a quality nail technician/salon can sometimes seem impossible. As a professional nail technician, I have a serious passion for the nail industry; and truly strive on providing my clients a professional yet personable service. Here are a few questions to ask when consulting with a nail technician;

  • Do they take the time to discuss your needs and preferences?
  • Does your nail technician use professional products, and can elaborate on why such products are used?
  • What about sanitation and disinfection practices?
  • Are they using a professional electric file with safe techniques?
  • Are their state issued nail license and inspection report displayed?

This is YOUR time for some personal attention, be confident in who is caring for your tips and toes!

Addicted to Nails


Dear Friends of Addicted to Nails,

As you know we are passionate about producing a personable and quality nail service at every visit. As we see it, our job does not end when applying your last coat of polish. It is our responsibility to continue to educate our clients about proper nail care.

Many nail technicians have joined forces with many big names in the beauty industry such as OPI, EZ Flow, Young Nails and Creative Nail Design (just to name a few)in working together to completely ban a toxic and carcinogenic chemical known as Methyl Methacrylate, or MMA. This chemical is most often traced to monomer (nail liquid). During the 1970′s the FDA investigated the chemical and took action against any nail manufacturer using MMA as an additive to their monomers. The FDA claims “MMA is a poisonous substance and should not be allowed.” Today, most reputable nail companies, use an EMA (Ethyl Methacrylate) based monomer, it has been deemed much safer for the beauty industry. MMA is used for creating products such as prosthetics and plexi-glass.

“In chemistry, one small alteration such as adding an extra Carbon or Hydrogen atom can mean the difference between making a potentially harmful poison or something that is not harmless when used by the professional. Although close cousins, EMA has a slight, but significantly different molecular structure than MMA. This gives EMA the desirable acrylic qualities without the undesirable side effects so often seen with MMA. Only three atoms distinguish the difference between EMA and MMA. However, this small chemical difference makes EMA much safer,” according to Consumer Alerts at Beautyweb.com.

MMA based monomers create extremely durable nails, due to rigidly adhered acrylics that are almost impossible to break. However, when they do break, they break not at the stress point of the nail but rather splitting on the nail bed causing serious nail damage, possibly permanently. Other health hazards include; nail infections, respiratory problems and eye, nose and throat irritation, permanent nail deformities, severe allergic reactions, and known to be carcinogenic (cancer causing).

Indications that MMA has been used on you, friends, and family:
Salons that use MMA based acrylics usually grab your attention with their extremely low-priced services, charging $13-18 for a fill-in. One reason for the low prices is because MMA based liquid cost 1/6 th of the price of an EMA based liquid. You might also notice an unusually powerful noxious odor; did you get a headache after leaving the salon? Many times, the person doing your nails is more then likely wearing a mask, yet has not offered you one. Did you notice if their license and inspection report was posted near their station or if the nail technician doing your nails was wearing acrylic nails, probably not! Did they explain what products they use and what each product does?
If they are secretive or had a hard time educating you about any product used, you might consider seeking a more educated technician. Did you see any products that were of name brand for the nail industry in their original packaging other than polish? These are just a few signs that you have been in contact with MMA.
If you are interested in doing further research, I have included a few links,


Talk with friends and family who also get their nails done about their experiences at a nail salon. Be sure to ask them what products their nail tech uses. Are they happy with the experience where they are going? You are more then welcome to share my research with them or have them call (480) 735-8996 or email me sheera@addictedtonails.com if they have any questions. Like I said before, I am here to educate as well as make your nails shine with confidence. _

Sent with Love,

Sheera Amundson
Addicted to Nails, owner/operator
Creative Nail Design Master Technician