• Casandra (Mesa, AZ)

    Sheera Loves what she does…and that is why you love her and the talent she holds by making you a very happy happy client! You can’t help but be mesmerized by the talent she has to turn your nails from blah to...

  • Brandi (Maricopa, AZ)

    I am someone who has had the chop shop nails for years off and on.I can honestly say once you go to sheera and have your nails designed for you they are always more then you could have imagined. She takes the time to make them perfect for her it is about quality not how many people she can get in the salon…Sheera works hard to make your time with her fun and relaxing I feel she wants your nails to be extension of your beauty .Addicted to nails is...

  • Angela (Queen Creek, AZ)

    Yet another WONDERFUL backfill from Sheera at Addicted to Nails. Everywhere I go people stop me and rave and rave about my nails. No matter what Sheera does, they are kick butt! Even if I am not feeling creative, Sheera has ideas that are perfect! I have never had the same nails twice, not sure how she does it, but she does!! Thanks again Sheera! BTW, the chats with her alone are worth the service! She is so real, and caring and full of fantastic...

  • Jenner (Mesa, AZ)

    I am a fairly old and very satisified Client. Nail artist Sheera has created blingy, X-mas, Halloween, sports, tattoo, wedding, New Years and so many other designs on my nails over the years. ♥ it! ** FDA Warning: Sheera’s style, glam, and personality is very addicting, proceed with caution. Women have been know to go without groceries, electric, and even diapers for a set of these nails!


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Simply Addicted Services

“Manic Addict” Manicure – The Manic Manicure is our most simple of manicures for those nail addicts who don’t like all the frills and thrills of getting primped and pampered. During your appointment, nails will be shaped, cuticles will be groomed and hands will feel amazing after a massage, finishing your newly addicted manicure with your choice of nail polish. $25.00 (add $5.00 for french polish)

“Hand Rehab” Manicure -  Hand Rehabilitation to the rescue and a super fab service for those who suffer with dry, “alligator” skin.  Sugar crystals gently exfoliate away dryness leaving hands smooth and a crystal activator ensures that skin is well moisturized, leaving your hands feeling like a baby’s tush! Nails are shaped to flatter your hands. Cuticles are softened and pushed  back, and any loose material is taken care of. We end this service with a relaxing hand massage, and your choice of nail polish. You’ll walk away feeling like a brand new woman. $35 (add $5.00 for french polish)

“Cracked Out” Nail Repairs - Let’s face it, life happens! When a nail breaks, it’s always a bitch! It creates avenues to craziness…from typing off key to getting snagged on clothes and hair. If a nail breaks, its not the end of the world…wipe those tears ladies; we offer nail rehab for those who cant handle a broken nail until their next appointment time…so relax! $5 per repair (Please note that if you have more then 5 repairs, this will constitute as a full set, and will be charged as such.)

“Amped Out” Nail Art - Nails with a personality all of its own! Show your wild side by adding a few rhinestones or what about marbleizing a few colors together, how about adding a little dimension with a diagonal color on your ring finger. How about a flower design? Remember your nails are jewels, not tools! (Quoted)

Enhancement “Detox” - If the acrylics you are currently are wearing are brittle, then it may be time for your enhancements to be removed. We safely remove your enhancements by a safe technique using an professional electric nail file and soaking them in enhancement removal solution if necessary. Nails should NEVER be pried off the natural nail with a tool or nail tip!  Once the acrylic is soaked we will shape your natural nails, soften and push back cuticles, and gently buff and polish to your liking. Starting at $20**

**Please note that we reserve the right to charge extra for clients who have been getting services from discounted salons. Many of these salons use substandard products making it more time consuming and difficult to remove enhancements.**

Completely Addicted Services

“Naturally High” Gel Polish Manicure - How many times have you left the salon only to smudge your polish…well ladies, no more! Gel Manicures have taken nail polish to a whole new level, think of it as  a hybrid polish and we offer three lines of professional lines of gel polishes…Imagine the added strength of a  gel and a fantastic color that lasts two weeks without chipping and stays super shiny. With over 100 colors available, you will find something that you are sure to LOVE! From beautiful iridescent opals to flowery eye popping corals to the  deepest sexy reds, and the plumb-est of purples, lets not forget vamp navy blue, just to name a few.  Starting at $ 35 (add $5.00 for french polish)

“ROCKSTAR Junkie ” Gel Manicures – This is a HOT service on the Addicted to Nails service menu, get all the benefits of a “Naturally High Gel Manicure” enhancement with a lil glitz and glam by encapsulating glitter between gel layers leaving your nail with strength, shine and you feeling like a POPSTAR! Starting at $40 (add $5.00 for french polish)

“Enhancement “Dependency” (Full Set) - Creating custom colored and glittered acrylics is what put Addicted to Nails on the map for amazing nails! If you are on the conservative milder side, we still do classic pink and white french manicure enhancements. However, if you want to let loose; lets glam up those glittered tips with some embedded design work to show off those talons. The best benefit of all, no worries about your nail color or glitter wearing off like polish, as it is inlaid in the enhancement. Starting at $60.00+ clear acrylic. Starting at $70 for custom color/glitter  (prices vary on length, shape, embedments and design work)

“Re-balance (Fills) Rehab” – Fills are suggested every 2-3 weeks to keep your nails looking as great as a new set of nails, This is an important service as it maintains the balance, arch, and shapeliness of your enhancements, just as you would have your vehicle maintained for oil and alignments. So, keep those nails looking as sexy as a red Mustang convertible, because you never know  who you might need to pick up to take along for a ride! Starting at $35 ($10+ gel polish over a Rebalance service)

“Backfill (Acrylic color change) Burnout”- As women, we have the right to change our minds and our nails as often as we damn please! If you prefer pink and whites or custom color designed art, you will walk out the door with nails that look just as amazing as when you got your full set.  During this particular service, the enhancement is filed thin to restructure  the acrylic product and a new color and/or design is added to create a  good as new enhancement; this service is suggested every 4-6 weeks depending on how fast your enhancements grow or until you decide it’s time for new “Glamoflauge” Starting at $55+ (prices vary on length, shape, embedments and design work)**

Toe-tally Addicted Services

As much as massaging chairs and whirlpool foot baths seem like a luxurious service, many salons (including Addicted to Nails) have done away with pedicure thrones. Foot baths with disposable liners have slowly been gaining popularity of the years; due to the risks of water borne bacteria that can found lingering in jetted tubs. As a result of this bacteria, people have become sickly with bacterial skin infections due to fungus, staph, and MRSA ending in medication, surgery and in a few instances death.

Addicted to Nails, we pride ourselves on sanitation therefore we favor the Footsie Bath. Aside from the relaxing heat and soothing vibration, the bath uses a one time disposable liner after every pedicure service.

 “Toe-tally Tweaked”Pedicure – A great service for those who warm up to the idea of of soaking in relaxing bowl of warm white tea water, slathered up with lotion and really just looking for a basic pedicure to clean up your cuticles, shorten your nails and a relaxing massage. Simply perfected Piggies! At least relax for a few minutes…your choice of polish is included. $40 (add $5.00 for french polish)

Foot “Intervention” Pedicure Girls, if the back of your heels are starting to resemble the tread on terrain mud tires, this service was created for the gal who wants the ultimate in Pedi indulgence!  Get all the benefits of a basic pedicure with the luxury of a spa service in our awesome NEW Footsie Foot Bath! Submerge those tingling tootsies in a mint green tea pedi-soak. Next, we add a deliciously flavored scrub derived of enzymes and apple fruit acids are designed to gently slough keratinized dead skin as we move into the  sole smoothing portion of our service. Lastly, we slather on a light moisturizing cream and offer a heavenly massage to stimulate circulation and nourish your skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple. We finish your service with your favorite polish color. Sometimes,  we all need a little intervention to get us stepping in the right direction.  $50 (add $5.00 for french polish)

Acrylic/Gel “Toe Tolerance”  Enhancements -Everyone loves the look of their toes after a fresh pedicure. What if I told you that your lil piggies can look THAT good for 5-8 weeks? The same “Naturally High” gel manicure that we perform on your fingers can last even longer on your toes. $45 (add $5.00 for french polish)

“ROCKSTAR Recovery” Toe Nail Enhancements -If you just cannot handle chipped off  polish anymore or if your toes  need a little beauty reconstruction, applying colored or glittered gels  to your piggies might be just what Dr. Sparkle ordered. There are  many Pros to having a thin layer of gel enhancements on your natural nails; one  of those perks is that your perfectly pedicure piglets require very little maintenance, every 6-8 weeks! Not to  mention that your twinkling toes will look super flashy in strappy sandals or having fun in flip flops. $50(add $5.00 for french polish)