The Phone rings at the salon….

Us: Good morning, Addicted to Nails

Caller: Hi, I would like to make an appointment for dip nails?

Us: (Steps up on our soap box)We would love to do your nails,  and we offer both acrylic and gel services. let me elaborate on dip nails for a moment.

The conversation above is a call we get daily, and although that conversation could seems discouraging at first. Customers are always interested and book a service for what they want their nails to visually look like. Many customers went to a corner salon to get their nails done and were sold on the latest and greatest in nail products known as “dip nails”. Let me correct this, dip nails have been around for at least 30 years so if anything, its making a come back but this time it is being introduced with some false claims which is misleading to customers, so let’s debunk and call it what it really is. Many nail technicians offering these services are quick to educate clients that dip nails are “a healthier alternative to acrylic and gel, can last up to 8 weeks, no harmful UV/LED lamps, and that it is chip and water resistant,” and countless other misrepresented claims.  Before I get into what these products really are, let me say that any professional nail technician that tells you that your service can last 8 weeks is not looking out for the best interest in the health of your natural nail. All enhancements, acrylic and gel both require maintenance appointments scheduled within 2-3 weeks. Secondly, the FDA has ruled that UV/LED lamps are not carcinogenic (cancer causing) so that claim too is incorrect. Of course we don’t want your nails to chip or break but life happens and nails break but most nail techs will guarantee their workmanship and/or happy to fix your repair.

So let’s get back to what these dip nails really are, Dip nails are nothing more then cosmetic grade cyanoacrylate also known as nail glue and………..ACRYLIC POWDER! Check out this side by side comparison of acrylic powder ingredients and a popular dip brand’s ingredients.

Regardless if you washed your hands really well before any service,  question cross contamination and sanitation due to every single client dipping their fingers in the same jar of colored powder.  According to Doug Schoon, a chemist funded by the nail industry that dipping is safe. He elaborates that bacteria needs moisture to grow, and there is no moisture in powder. This claim is disputed by industry professionals who have more extensive experience in sanitation and hours in a salon. No matter how you slice or dice it the powder….it’s still ACRYLIC! The other thing they fail to mention is that because the two main components are glue and powder that can  take 30+ minutes to removed, opposed to gel polish which is usually under 10 minutes.

These dip system powders actually last less time then traditional monomer (liquid) and polymer (powder) acrylic systems. The reason why dip powders last less time because of the cosmetic grade cyanoacrylate, these glues have a tendency to crystalize and break down over a few weeks, and acrylic has a porous surface so the claim of these products being water resistant could definitely be problematic if you are going weeks and weeks without maintence.  Hard gel nails offers a non-porous surface, which is great for people who have their hands in water like hairdressers and people in the medical and food industries.  Without regular maintence of any enhancement, products can become brittle and heavy at the free edge of the nail possibly create damage to the natural nail.

At Addicted to nails, we pride ourselves on being passionate about nails and only use the best in both professional and quality products; and offer a variety of services in both acrylic and gel enhancements.