Sheera Gersh-Brown Bio

Sheera Gersh-Brown had the beauty industry in her spirit as her mother was a passionate hair dresser in New York, it was inevitable that her daughter would soon adopt the love for the beauty industry. Sheera was encouraged by her long time nail tech to get her nail license while attending college, and fell in love with the artistry, and genuine connection she created with others. After graduating college with a BIS degree in Sociology/Psychology, she soon learned that she can marry both her love of empowering women and creating gorgeous nail enhancements.

Sheera believes that we have gotten away from a truly personalized experience when getting beauty services, so it was important for her as the owner/operator to create a “vibe” where our guests feel welcome and experience a one of a kind nail experience. Because of this, she has built a fiercely loyal clientele. Coined “glitter gangster” by a dear friend, she specializes in creating custom glitter mix embedded enhancements and sparkly toes.

With over 20 years of experience in the nail industry, Sheera has worn many hats over the years. As a product educator for a professional brand, she demonstrated product knowledge and application to professional nail techs at classes and at trade shows. Sheera has been published for both print and nail art in Nails and NailPro Magazines, as well as the fashion print of Perfectify Magazine. In 2014, Along with three other nail technicians, Sheera competed in the Nailpro Cup at the International Beauty Shown in Las Vegas, Nevada. With a love for elevating other professionals, she branched away from working for a brand and became an independent educator. When she is not working behind the chair with salon clients, as the co-founder of the Arizona Nail Technicians Network, you will find her coordinating continuing education classes for licensed nail pros across Arizona. In 2015, Sheera created a nails only blog and interactive Facebook group for industry professionals called, Nail Addict Society. The blog took off and continues to grow, inspire and educate nail techs across the globe. In January 2017, Sheera joined the team at Nail Tech Reality Check as an Empowerment Coach and will be educating at trade shows, classes and workshops across the United States.

A little more insight on Sheera…In 2009, Sheera was inspired to continue her education in holistic healing and successfully completed an Advanced Certification in Transformational Life Coaching and a Master level Certification in Reiki, her second business was soon birthed as Rebellious Spirit Healing Arts. Sheera was born in Smithtown, New York, and grew up right here in Tempe. This sassy girl has a love for life; she loves new adventures especially traveling and trying new restaurants. She also likes to cuddle up and bingewatch Netflix with her husband and their furbaby family; Jellybean, Victoria and Elvis.