Cool Things To Do In Tempe

1) ASU Gammage
This is one of the crowning jewels of architecture in Tempe if you ask a lot of people. The auditorium was built by celebrity architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It was the vision of a former ASU president Grady Gammage and obviously he named it after himself. He was close friends with Wright and was able to convince him to design a building that was all round. The reason it’s round is because it’s designed for the best acoustics. Unfortunately it was onle of Wright’s last works but for 50 years it’s been loved as part of the ASU campus as something that makes the property really unique.

2) Tempe Town Lake
The interesting thing about Tempe Town Lake is that over the years it has flooded numerous times. The name actually refers to the basin or traditionally a dry river bed. Recently the city has upgraded this as more of a park and destination that can be used for concerts and events such as July 4th and Oktoberfest. The adjacent park is known at Tempe Beach Park. The river these days has water and has become a popular place for canoes and the city offers kayaking to adults and children. The big draw now is dragon boat racing.

3) A Mountain
also known as Tempe Butte. The big A is painted gold in honor of Arizona State University that sits below the mountain. Technically it’s a Butte. The football stadium is right in front of it. It’s a fun hike. Not too intense because it’s only a butte after all. This little hill is of volcanic origin.

4) Big Surf

5) Sea Life Arizona

6) Arizona State University Art Museum

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