Our Favorite Local Businesses In Tempe


The name means Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. We love that this new age school does things different and is still a nationally accredited college. The programs range from Massage therapy to urban gardening to life coaching. On various Friday evenings they have an open house and offer mini classes for potential students to try out the classes. The mission is stated as, “Learn to be an instrument not an ego in the peace and healing of others.” They also have specialty programs and financial aid options. They have been in business for 25 years. Think about the new age principle of mind body and wellness and you will get the concept of SWIHA. Another cool tip even if you aren’t looking for continuing education is that you can receive services with students at discounted pricing. That includes yoga classes as well as massage and esthetician services.

2) Friendship Village of Tempe

This is an senior community that is so popular that they have a five year waiting list. Not only is it a retirement community but they have 128 beds of assisted living faculty which they label a continuing care facility . Basically a nursing home as well as a retirement community so when the time comes you can move across the street not far from your friends and family. US News rates it a top performer. If you read the reviews from the people living there. The staff is second to none. If they aren’t they don’t stay long. There is a lot to do here. Your not sending parents here to die this is what they call Disneyland for Seniors. The reason it’s on our list of favorite local businesses is because the very idea that our seniors have a place to go to make the most of their twilight years is something that excites us.

3) Insight Enterprises

One of the few fortune 500 companies that are head quartered in Tempe. These guys started in 1988 and changed their name to Insight in 1991. Originally they called themselves Hard Drives International and specialized in storage. Then they upgraded to include a full lineup of accessories and computers. They went public in 1995. Currently there has been a move into the Data Service industry as a new focus. The main goal is to help clients manage their IT needs. They have come a long way from the days of selling hard drives and computer accessories. They give a ton to charities through the Noble Cause which focuses on local and children needs.

4) Arizona State University

One of the cool things about Tempe is that a place that is basically for kids would make a list with a place for seniors. A mix of a lot of cultures and art that isn’t on the coast is why we love Tempe. At it’s very essence we must admit that Tempe is first a college town. ASU has been labeled a party school. It is one of the largest higher education schools in the country. And it’s continued to grow even outside of Tempe. There is ASU west and also a big component of the school in down town Phoenix. Especially now that there is a light rail connecting the two. The college is one the biggest employers in the city. We are always amazed that every time we go to the mill ave area of Tempe how new high rise buildings are popping up. Lots of cool stuff. The city and university is growing and that’s a fact.

In Tempe Most Of The Best Businesses Are Restaurants.