Nail Services
Manicure Services

Gel Polish Manicure


How many times have you left the salon only to smudge your polish, no more! Gel manicures have taken over the salon industry offering an awesome alternative to regular nail polish by adding strength, shine and literally no drying time and lasting up to two full weeks. We start with performing a dry manicure to ensure shapely nails and cuticle work prior to your gel being applied. Starting at $35+. (Price based on provider, nail art/glitter application, add $5-10)

Rockstar Gel Manicure


This is one of our most popular services at Addicted to Nails! Nails. We perform a dry manicure prior to the gel application for nice shapely nails and cleaned up cuticle work. You can choose from one of 100 gel colors and then we add a lil glitz and glam by encapsulating glitter between gel layers. Viola! Your nails have added strength and you walk out with dry nails that shine bright like a diamond. Prices start at $40+ (Price based on provider, nail art/glitter application)

Pedicure Services

Signature Pedicure w/Rockstar Toes


Two services combined as a bundle

Signature Pedicure


Our pedicures may differ from what you have experienced at other salons, however there is no loss on luxury. We start our service wrapping in hot towels to moisten skin without the water log. Cuticle are maintained and nails are shaped. A gentle scrub is applied to slough and exfoliate dead skin and calluses are reduced and smoothed. Lastly, we slather and massage to stimulate circulation and nourish your skin. Your choice of polish is included, or ask about upgrading to gel or rockstar toes.


Rockstar Toes



RockstarToes is exactly what Dr. Toe Sparkle ordered and always a client favorite with no drying time and perfectly sparking piggies that last 5-8 weeks. We start with a DRY pedicure by shaping and shortening your toe nails, and cleaning up dried up, sad looking cuticles. Then the fun part starts, applying your choice of gel color and sprinkle of embeded glitter. Did I mention that your twinkling toes will look super sexy on the beach or strappy sandals. (No callus treatment/wet pedicure)


Gel Polish Pedicure


If you adore getting gel polish manicures, you will fall in love with the same on your toes! That is right ladies, perfectly looking pedicured piggies that last 6-8 weeks. Crazy, I know! We start with a DRY pedicure by shaping and shortening your toe nails, and cleaning up unruly cuticles. We then apply your choice of gel polish colors. This will be a service that will make your heart sing and your toes wiggle. (Not an actual wet pedicure)

Acrylic Enhancements

Acrylic Full Set (Gel Polish)


If your are looking to extend your nails with acrylic, and love the idea of new color at every appointment this is a fantastic option. Nails are sculpted with clear acrylic and your choice of gel polish is applied using the newest technology in LED nail lights. Nails are dry and shine til your next appointment. If you are feeling sassy…we can use multiple colors and a nail art to make you the talk of the town. Starting $50.00+ (based on provider, nail art and length/shape)

Acrylic fill w/Gel Polish


The best part of having a full set of clear acrylics, is that you get to change your color at every appointment, and you walk out with DRY nails! No worrying about smudging polish putting your keys in the ignition. During your service we will repair and rebalance grown out acrylic to maintain proper structure of the nails, as suggested every 2-3 weeks . Prices starting $40.00+ (based on provider, nail art, repairs length/shape.)


Acrylic Full Set (Glitter/Design Embed)



Creating custom color/glitter embedded acrylics is what put Addicted to Nails on the map for amazing nails! A full set adds length, strength and shape to your nails, then we add colored or a custom glitter mix embed under your acrylic. These nails will for sure not go unnoticed! Gel top coat is always included to ensure they sparkle and shine. Starting at $55+ (prices are based on provider, shape, length, and art.)


Acrylic Backfill (Glitter/Design Embed)


As women, we have the right to change our minds and our nails as often as we damn please! If you are a true rebel, and have sworn off pink and whites then custom color/glitter acrylic is what to make the girls jealous! During this particular service, the enhancement is filed thin to restructure the acrylic and a new color and/or design is sculpted to create a good as new enhancement; this service is suggested every 4-6 weeks. Starting at $55 (based on provider, repairs, nail art, length/shape)


Acrylic Fill


If you are wearing custom colored/glitter acrylics this is the fill appointment you would be scheduling. Just like we take our cars into the shop for an oil change, your enhancements also need to be maintained Fill appointments are suggested every 2-3 weeks. During a fill appointment we will use clear or pink acrylic to “fill in” the area that has grown out near the cuticle area then shape and shorten if required. Prices start at $30+ (Price based on provider, nail art and repair work.

“Specialty Shapes” Acrylic Full Set/Backfill (Polish/Embed)


As any wild child, you choose to live on the edge with your nail shape. If you choose to wear stilettos sharp as talons, lipstick, edge or another extreme dramatic shape. Sculpting/shaping specialty shapes requires more time to get them just right. your nails are creatively sculpted using a plethora of embeds and filed into a custom shape. Maintenance is suggested every 2-3 weeks. Full Sets Starting at $85+ (based on based on provider, nail art, repairs length/shape.)

Gel Enhancements

Hard Gel Full set (Clear)


Gels are a fabulous option for those who prefer a durable yet light weight and natural-looking enhancement. A true authentic gel comes from a single jar and can vary in viscosity and has a sticky, honey-like consistency and applied in thin layers and cured under an ultraviolet light. With over 100 gel polish colors to choose from, you will never run out of pretty options. Starting $75.00(based on length, shape, and design)

Hard Gel Fill (Gel Polish)


Just like with acrylic nails, gel enhancements also require maintenance every 2 to 3 weeks to maintain their strength and shape. At this service, we “fill in” the regrowth with clear or pink colored gel, reshape and shorten your talons if need be. You will also have your choice of colored gel polish, if you are feeling naughty…glitter, designs, and crystals are always fun options for one or all of your nails…just an idea.

Hard Gel Overlay


A hard gel overlay is a great way to add just a little strength to natural nails needing a little more TLC. A true authentic gel comes from a single jar and can vary in viscosity and has a sticky, honey-like consistency and applied in thin layers and cured under an ultraviolet/LED light. You can wear overlays with a clear shine or choose from one of our fabulous gel colors. Maintenance is required every 2-4 weeks depending on quickly your nails grow. Prices start at $50 for this service.

Misc/Add On Services

Acrylic or Gel Nail Repairs


Let’s face it, life happens! When a nail breaks, it’s always a bitch! It creates avenues to craziness…from typing off key to getting snagged on clothes and hair. If a nail breaks, its not the end of the world…wipe those tears ladies; we offer nail rehab for those who cant handle a broken nail until their next appointment time…so relax! If you have more then 5 repairs, this will constitute as a full set, and will be charged as such. Starting at $5+ (based on provider, length/shape and nail art).

Nail Art


Nails with a personality all of its own! Show your wild side by adding glitter, sugar nails, designs, marbeling, watercolors, chromes, embedded designs, texture? How about a few or full nail of crystals? Our salon motto is “Nail Artistry from mild to wild, and trust me, our nails always get noticed. Nail art starts at $10-25 (based on provider, nail art, repairs length/shape.)

Nail Enhancement Removal


If the acrylics you are currently are wearing are brittle, then it may be time for your enhancements to be removed. We safely remove your enhancements by a safe technique using an professional electric nail file or soaking them in enhancement removal solution if necessary. Nails should NEVER be pried off the natural nail with a tool or nail tip! If we are removing product from another salon please let us know (see FAQ for more info). Removal starting at $20+ (based on provider and MMA)