How many times have you walked into a corner nail salon looking for a relaxing pedicure; while waiting you witness the tech do a half ass clean up job. The tech barely wipes down the pedicure chair with dish soap and a sponge right before the next customer slides into the chair (I have seen this happen with my own eyes). Regardless if the salon is using a pedicure spa with “pipeless technology” or masking their spa chairs with a disposable plastic liner; the regulations for remain the same as far as disinfection and sanitation. The law states that salons/tech are required to remove the filters from each chair and clean both the tub and filters, then drain and refill using a hospital grade EPA registered disinfectant and run for a minimum of 10 minutes in between clients.

Needless to say that waterless pedicures have slowly gained popularity over the years due to the risk of water borne bacteria that can linger in jetted spa tubs (gross but makes sense right?!?!). This is why at Addicted to Nails, we made a conscious decision to do away with a pedicure spa chair; it is not worth the risk to our clients or our techs. Let’s talk more about what this service includes and the benefits of a Waterless Pedicure.

– A more sanitary service that eliminates cross contamination from other clients
– Skin doesn’t come in contact with harsh cleansing products used to disinfect and sanitize pedicure thrones.
– More effective pedicure as skin doesn’t become waterlogged creating greater chance for minor skin abrasions during cuticle work and callus reduction.
– A “Medi-Pedi” friendly service, great for people with diabetics and people who are prone to fungus prone toes.
– Your gel/polish will last longer as the toe nail itself does not become drenched from water during this service. (Water makes the nail expand, as nails dry out they tend to curl, making polish chip right off).
– Water preservation as a pedicure throne holds about 5 gallons of water.

We all love getting a pampering pedicure, and we created a relaxing yet effective pedicure that still offers the luxuries of a spa pedicure without soaking in a pool of water.

Instead of soaking leaving skin water logged, your feet are sanitized and then wrapped in hot steamed towels, toe nails will be shortened and shaped, cuticles will be pushed back and cared for, calluses reduced and smoothed. We then use a gentle sugar scrub to exfoliate dry dull skin and then wrap with a hot steamed towel. We finish the pedicure with a relaxing foot massage, we end the service with your choice of regular polish or upgrade to the very popular Rockstar toes service.

We have been asking clients for feedback on this new service, and many clients report that they will never go back to the traditional way of foot soaking after having such a great experience with the waterless pedicure. We are offering $10 off as an introductory special because we know how much you will love this service.